• The company with the no. 138/87 license for wine bottling, has been operating in wine industry since 1987, bottling Mavrodaphne from Patra and Muscat from Samos marked as NAMA WINE DIVINE EUCHARIST’S.
• In 1998 the company passed into the hands of Stylianos Nick. Skandalis, who determined the orientation towards bottled sweet and semisweet wines primarily intended for ecclesiastical use.
• After several months of negotiations with wineries in the wine region of Achaia, achieved in 2001 the production and distribution of naturally sweet wine NAMA BYZANTINE.
• In 2003 our cooperation with AB-Vassilopoulos SA begins , and two years later the NAMA BYZANTINE was also available in the supermarket Galaxias.
• Despite the economic crisis, the company buys a contemporary bottling complex in 2010, enlarging its production volume.
• By 2011 the NAMA BYZANTINE had already established its presence in the USA, Germany, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania and is expanding in more countries.


...We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the revered priests, and especially those of the Church of St. Demetrius, of the municipality of Agios Dimitrios in Athens, with their patristic advice and consultations, although in our first steps, they helped us better understand their needs for church wine.